CVM’s iLease Personal Leasing Product gains fleet industry notice

This month both Fleet News and Fleet World have news features on our innovative iLease personal leasing product.

iLease enables the employer to meet your duty of care responsibilities for their grey fleet, providing an easy solution to ensure vehicles are road worthy and fit for purpose. iLease is an unrivalled free staff benefit that can be offered by you at no cost or liability to your business.

Whilst personal leasing is not a new idea, what both Fleet News and Fleet World have highlighted is how easy it is for a company to know their grey fleet is managed well using iLease, with no cost to themselves financially or in terms of time.

Both articles quote Emaa Walker from Kwik Fit, who are in the process of rolling out iLease to 7,000 of their staff members to improve their staff benefits package. At CVM we designed iLease to suit businesses like Kwit Fit with 7,000 staff as well as much smaller businesses. Even a single staff member can get the same benefits with iLease.

Find out more about how ilease works on our ilease page


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