How does car leasing work? Car Leasing with iLease

Leasing versus Buying:   iLease looks to answer the question: How does car leasing work?

How does car leasing work? Buying a car is the second biggest expense you will have after buying your home, why release all that capital and suffer the depreciation when you drive off a forecourt or have to fund the servicing or unforeseen repairs costs. Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is a straightforward lease which offers you a fixed monthly payment to include maintenance allowing you to budget to your requirements with no hidden costs.  You can simply hand it back at the end of your chosen contract length and start again.

iLease Personal Leasing from CVM How does car leasing work?

Through CVM we have developed a personal leasing platform “iLease” which is proud to offer you the following benefits:

  • Discounts specifically negotiated for members of iLease, up to 45% off with some manufacturers.
  • Static monthly rentals unaffected by changes in interest rates
  • No deposit required
  • Leases varying from 2 years to 4 years
  • A bespoke website with easy and detailed offers.
  • Dedicated U.K based call centre to discuss all your needs.

Included in all Contracts:

  • Leases include Road Fund License for the duration
  • Manufacturer’s warranty ◦
  • Road side and breakdown cover ◦
  • Free delivery to anywhere in the U.K

What is iLease?

iLease is an exclusive employee benefit car scheme developed by CVM. At no cost to your business iLease provides a quoting platform which is a fully automated web solution allowing staff to gain discounts of up to 45% on brand new cars. iLease is the staff benefit that really does take the hassle out of sourcing and financing a new car.

How to obtain a quote?

Visit complete the registration form and we’ll email personal login details – providing access to run as many quotations as necessary. Once a quotation has been finalized the order can be processed for authorisation, at which point employees will be asked to provide their credentials to process the credit application.

Can I add optional extras to iLease?

Yes, you can configure your new car exactly as you wish by using the online quotation and order system. As a guide, if you add an optional extra the monthly payment will increase by the total cost of the option divided by the term. e.g. option at £500.00 divided by 36 months would be an additional £13.88 per month.

Auxiliary options;

ILease offers the option to benefit from a convenient, fully inclusive maintenance package. This includes, Vehicle Servicing, Repairs, Tyres and Breakdown in addition to a standard contract.

How long is the quote valid for?

Once you save a quote in the system prior to placing your order, it will be valid for a period of 30 days.

Can the price change after I have accepted the quotation and placed the order?

Once you have placed your order, the quotation will be honoured for 4 months.

How is delivery arranged?

Once your car has been built and is in the UK, ilease will contact you to arrange delivery to you at a convenient location. Your new car will be delivered at least 15 days after your finance agreement has been signed by both parties.

When will my payments be taken?

Your initial payment is due on the day you take delivery of the car, which becomes your Agreement start date. The payment will be collected by direct debit from your bank account shortly after you have received your car and subsequent payments will be collected from the month following delivery and on the same date each month thereafter

visit complete the registration form to begin your personal leasing experience.

How does car leasing work? For more and more iLease customers, the answer is “Very well thankyou”.

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