Top 5 Convertibles according to iLease

Our beautiful British weather has inspired us to find our top 5 favourite convertibles available from iLease. So without further ado, here they are:

5. Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 

This quirky little bug has a long history with the first one being available in 1949! The size makes it easy to handle and allows the driver to manoeuvre into small, tight spaces.

We asked a VW Beetle owner why they love it and they said:

“The colours and the overall look of the car give a memorable, cute appearance that makes everyone glance over. It is perfect for a quick drive into town but equally comfortable enough to take on long journeys.”

4. Audi TT Convertible 

It is pretty and it is classy! What is there not to love?! A convertible that drives beautifully, you want to be seen in with the added bonus of being an Audi.

With lots and lots of options to choose from, the Audi TT can be specified to your exact requirements, whether you have more simple tastes, to those with more extravagant ones.

3. Mini Cooper Convertible

We asked a Mini Cooper Convertible owner why they love this car and we were overwhelmed with their love:

“I loved the ability to customise my Mini Cooper Convertible with all the different combinations of colours, stickers, wheels and accessories – meaning that I can have a Mini that no one else does!”

2. Mazda MX-5 Convertible 

The Mazda MX-5 feels like you are in a racing car due to its low seating position. The title of TLC’s fantastic album ‘crazy, sexy, cool’ comes to mind when we think of the MX-5 and we can see why it still is the world’s top selling two seater convertible sports car.

1. BMW 2 Series Convertible 

Our top spot came with huge debate in the iLease team but our very own Sales Administrator Emma Short convinced us all in the end to choose the BMW 2 series.  Her winning quote:

“My convertible makes me feel fabulous. A bad day gets better when I get in my car, take the roof down and hit the road. With my faithful companion Archie the dog in the passenger seat, we love to smile and spread our joy of our drive to passers-by. The stereo is fantastic and the drive so easy it is a pleasure travelling across the city.”

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