Winter Driving Guide

Our ultimate guide to Winter Driving

Love it or hate it, winter is truly here. Not only does it mean snuggly jumpers, central heating and hot chocolate a plenty, it also means winter hazards to consider when you are driving.

We want all our customers to stay safe, so we have brought you our tips for winter driving:

1. Leave more time for journeys

With holiday time approaching; visiting loved ones, extra shopping and fog and ice more prevalent, we advise you to leave more time for journeys. Adverse weather conditions and longer periods of darkness will slow the roads down so make sure you have time to get where you need to so you are not rushing.

2.Check your tyres 

Rain, ice and snow will make checking your tyre pressures incredibly important to stay safe. Don’t risk it, if you don’t how to check your tyres, ask someone who does or pop into your local garage that will usually do this for free.

3. Leave enough time to de-ice your car 

We know it is cold and you don’t want to get out of bed but by setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier will ensure you have enough time to de-ice your car and make it toasty and warm for your journey ahead.

4. Roadside Assistance

You have a million other things to worry about but ensuring you have adequate roadside assistance over the winter period should be a priority. Check that you don’t already get roadside assistance with your bank or insurance, or even your car servicing or car lease.

5.Keep a stash in your car

When we say stash we mean make sure you have the following:

– Bottled water and cereal/chocolate bars
– Warm blanket/clothes /gloves
– Phone charger
– Warning triangle

If the worst comes to the worst this winter, at least you will be warm, fed and watered and be able to let people know you are in distress.

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