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In the episode Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, Homer Simpson meets his long lost half- brother; motor industry tycoon Herb Powell.

This "monstrosity" was designed by Homer after he couldn’t find a car he liked that Herb’s company built. Needless to say – the car was a flop (a parody of the ill-fated Edsel marque developed by Ford in the 1950s). But it did have some very nifty features that might have been ahead of its time.

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Special Abilities:

  • Antenna ball (to help you find your car in a crowded car park)
  • Three horns (all of which play "La Cucaracha")
  • Separate soundproof bubble domes
  • Muzzles and restraints (for the kids)
  • Extremely overpowered and loud (an engine that will make people think "the world is coming to an end")
  • Giant cup holders
  • Built-in video game – rumoured in design stages

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